3 Conversation Tips for Sugar Babies Mastering the Sugar Daddy First Phone Call

The importance of a first phone call with a sugar daddy simply cannot be overemphasized. While getting to the phone call stage is applaudable, it is key to note that this is just the beginning of the actual Sugaring process. Seeing as sugar daddies are of a slightly older and more antique creed, it is very natural for them to prefer a more familiar means of communication i.e phone calls over our more preferred means of communication nowadays i.e texting and MMS. Hence, a phone call, especially the first phone call is vital because what ensues during said phone call is what determines the wave at at which the relationship flows.

The first phone call is your opportunity to establish yourself as an actual person and not just a cute girl with a profile picture as seen on most sugar baby websites. Actually speaking on the phone will help the sugar daddy to establish a first impression of you and notice any cute quirks such as laugh pitch and accent. The first call will also help to Kickstart a warm chemistry between daddy and baby, which will set the tone for upcoming conversations and meetings.

One of the most important tips in the first phone call with a sugar daddy is establishing a cheerful deposition. Most sugar daddies are not in the search for mystery and sideness (also such sugar baby sites do exist and have a very specific client base). Sugar daddies are probably men who have to undergo the rigors of a hard day and the stress of work and business decisions, so it is always a breath of fresh air when they are greeted with a laugh and well constructed jokes. This will help to cultivate a certain level of energy and will subconsciously invoke happy thoughts in the sugar daddy, leading to meeting requests. They just want to have a good time, and if they sense they can get this from you, the rest will be easy as you like.

Another important tip is to always have a compliment or a teensy bit of flattery within reach. As sugar daddies are mostly men, compliments and flattery stokes their egos and gives them a sense of comfort and happiness even without them realizing it. Tell them they have a nice voice, or they sound like they have a good body, or laugh at their jokes no matter how unfunny you find it. These are the little things men appreciate and could go a long way in cultivating relationships.

Always go personal. Sugar daddy arrangements while sometimes seen in the light of business is actually a a psychological relationship, and as such when you have that first phone call with yoyr sugar daddy, try to go personal from the get go. Avoid any unnecessary and unimportant talk and try to pick up information from their profiles which you can delve right into and talk about. This will eliminate initial awkwardness totally and build a rapport very fast.


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