Basic Etiquette for Sugar Babies on the First Date

You have met the sugar daddy of your dreams on a sugar daddy dating site. He is everything you ever imagined your ideal man would be: rich, handsome, generous, and you fell head over heels for him right from the first time he sent you a flirty heart emoji. Now its time to take the next essential step and solidify your relationship by meeting physically, and you think you may die from the anxiety.

It is perfectly normal to be nervous under such conditions. Meeting your sugar daddy for the first time is, after all, serious business, as first impressions go a long way in establishing a relationship. We have compiled a comprehensive list of things you need to know to have a successful first date with your potential sugar daddy:

  • Dress to kill
  • The mark of a desirable woman is the attire she dons herself in. You don’t have to go overboard and break the bank to impress your date (they are very likely to sense if you do), just a simple, feminine and sexy attire accentuated with accessories will do the trick. You could also reveal some skin, but not in a way that comes off as tacky and classless.

  • Be confident
  • Your confidence is the sexiest attire you could ever wear on your first date; don’t show up without it. Men are often inexorably drawn to a woman who displays an extraordinary level of confidence in themselves, as it inspires him to put his confidence in her as well. If you don’t consider yourself a confident person, the key is to fake it until you make it.

  • Practice good table manners
  • You don’t need to know which is the salad fork, or the oyster fork; all you need to possess is a basic knowledge of table etiquette. Sit upright, don’t spill food everywhere, train yourself to use basic cutlery, and most importantly, don’t chew with your mouth open.  

  • Build a connection
  • Build a connection with your sugar daddy through confidence and engaging conversations. In order for this to happen, it is important to be your authentic self, and not a version of who you think he wants you to be. Share engaging stories and life experiences to determine if you both share a common connection. Talk about things like your hobbies to see if you both share common interests.

  • Be open, but not too open
  • Honesty, even in sugar baby dating, is often the best policy. Be open and truthful to your sugar daddy about your background, education, work experience, and the likes of that. You should nevertheless not be sharing extremely personal or sensitive information with your sugar daddy on the first date.

  • Set boundaries
  • The first date is the perfect avenue to discuss what you are and are not comfortable with. Discuss what you are and are not comfortable doing with your sugar daddy, and remember: just because he will be partially responsible for you financially does not mean that he gets to cross every boundary.

  • Discuss the payment terms
  • Money is a topic that is often avoided on first dates. First, because it is an uncomfortable topic for everyone, and secondly, because many sugar babies do not want to give the impression of being materialistic. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to discuss payment terms and conditions with your sugar daddy on the first date, as this clears the air and helps to avoid complications and misunderstandings in the future.  

  • Leave him begging for more
  • Finally, a successful sugar baby always leaves her daddy asking, no, begging for more. For this to happen, it is vital to be open, yet still, maintain an aura of mystery. Take it one step at a time; don’t satisfy all his urges too quickly. Don’t reveal too much of yourself or spend too much time with him on the first date. These few tips are guaranteed to leave your sugar daddy wanting more.  

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