Communicating What You Need to Your Sugar Daddy

One question that most sugar babies frequently ask is, “how do I communicate what I need to my sugar daddy?” While most sugar babies receive allowances, one of the more common questions from prospective sugar babies has to do with how to communicate their needs to their sugar daddies. It is advisable you allow the gentleman to lead in this conversation, but before this conversion ever occur, it is important you consider your own needs.

Be Honest
There is a clear difference between being honest and being demanding. No one including sugar daddies would want a demanding sugar baby. Your sugar daddy will likely listen to what you are trying to communicate as long as you are polite and honesty with him.

If there is an agreed allowance for you from your sugar daddy, always remember it can be re-negotiated, especially if you are spending more time with him.

While it is okay to put out what you want or your allowance on your profile, it is equally okay you let your sugar daddy know what your needs are or if at any time they change. You will amazed on how understanding your sugar daddy might be. Always have it at the back of your mind that this isn’t just about money, but about being in an honest relationship with someone and sharing your concerns and feelings about things going on in your life.

Material things or money
How would you handle a sugar daddy who offers you vacations, shopping etc. when you want cash. It is always important to know what you want. You should always politely let your sugar daddy know why you prefer cash. Additionally, let him understand your immensely appreciate gifts, just that at this point, those things would pay your bills or take care of your other needs.

On the other hand, if you are more interested in vacations and shopping, you should let him know. For some sugar daddies, attractive travel companion is exactly what they seek in a sugar baby.

There is absolute no reasons to shut him out if he doesn’t agree with you on your needs. Politely let him know that you are intrigued by him and if your situation changes, you would love to contact him. It is very possible things may change in the future or he might just decide to make some compromises. As long as you didn’t end your message on a bad note, there is this possibility that anything can happen.

Explaining your story
We are pass through difficult time in life. If for any reasons you have fallen on difficult times, although, no one loves a whiner, that wouldn’t mean you should hide that side of you. All sugar daddies out there wants someone who is not totally perfect, someone they can take care if and feel needed unless they would be needing a robot. However, avoid been a tearjerker. While this may work for some people, there are some it wouldn’t work for. You just have to explain your situation honestly and monitor his countenance. Always play up your strengths. You are pretty young lady any man out there would be lucky to call his sugar baby.


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