Dating A divorced Sugar Dadddy

What do you do if your sugar daddy has only recently gone through a divorce? How do you cope with the rate of emotional fluctuations that he is most likely experiencing? Divorce is never easy on any party involved; there are so many repressed and volatile emotions that can so easily be stirred to the surface, there is alimony, court proceedings, lawyer settlement, property distribution, and to crown it all, there is the bitter custody battle.

If divorce isn’t easy, then dating a sugar daddy who has only recently gone through a divorce is not easy as well. A divorced man has baggage and comes with drama that only a few women are emotionally equipped to handle. So, if you are a sugar baby in an arrangement dating relationship with a divorced sugar daddy, or if you are considering going into one, here are a few tips to help guide you along the way.

1.Go slow
It is never a good idea to try to rush things with a recently divorced man, as he is emotionally sensitive. Your attempts to go full out may only drive him further into his shell. For this reason, you should not expect him to talk about things like his marital experience, or to get over it too quickly. Give him time to warm up to you.

2.Don’t expect any commitments
Purely platonic company is what you both need (especially considering the sort of relationship you both are into). If he wanted anything more serious, then he will most likely have opted for anything other than arrangement dating. So, do not expect a divorced sugar daddy to commit to you. Instead, engage him and appeal to his interests; this is going to endear him to you.

3.Beware of becoming his emotional trash can
Going through a divorce is not easy; therefore, you should put in your best effort to be there for your sugar daddy during his moments of emotional need. However, it is crucial not to allow yourself to become an emotional trash can in your bid to be there for him. You become an emotional trash can when he throws all his problems at you, expects that it is your duty to comfort him, when he puts you down, or when he vents all his anger out on you.

4.Understand that he is emotionally vulnerable
Your sugar daddy is still in a very sensitive place, especially if the divorce proceedings weren’t initiated by him. In that regard, you must watch what you say to him and what you expect from him. It is not that you should absolve him of any duty whatsoever, you should simply be more understanding and willing to accommodate.

5.Do not get involved if his wounds are still fresh
Finally, do not get involved with a sugar daddy who still has a lot of healing to do; you can not help him with that. Signs that he needs to heal himself will manifest in what he says, how he thinks, how he treats you, and how he talks to you.

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