Different Types of Sugar Daddies Makes Different Sugar Dating

The idea of sugar daddy dating may seem like a rigid, monolithic entity to you which only entails exchanging your companionship for benefits. in a shallow-minded sort of way, you are correct; however, what you ay not know is that there are shades to the types of sugar arrangements, and even sugar daddies that exist out there.

We may not know it all, but we know that people act on several impulses and for several reasons. Also, as experts of the sugar daddy dating world, we have met enough sugar babies to conclude that there are deeper qualities to this sort of relationships. So, before you confine yourself to believing that all sugar daddies and sugar daddy arrangements are the same, read on and to know more information. Who knows? You may just find it incredibly helpful in navigating your next sugar daddy dating affair.

Types of Sugar Daddies

The hopeless romantic: On your sugar daddy dating journey, you are bound to find at least one man who is looking for something deeper than a shallow sugar baby relationship. This man is like the typical sugar daddy, except that he is looking for either a wife or girlfriend. You can easily judge by the way he communicates and the sort of requests he makes. A hopeless romantic type of sugar daddy, for example, may ask you to move in with him.

The “sugar” sugar daddy: This is the ideal sugar daddy (depending on what you’re on the lookout for, anyway). This type of man is looking for something regular and serious (not to be mistaken with romantic), and is ready to hold up his part of the bargain.

The jetsetter: In the sugar daddy dating world, there are men who are only seeking a travel companion. These men usually fall into the category of rich corporate sharks or business owners. Seize the opportunity to see the world but don’t expect much more.

The Nymph: This sort of man enters into a sugar baby dating arrangement for one thing and one thing only: sex. He loves sex, he wants sex, he’ll freak out of you don’t want to have sex. This type is easy to spot in the DMs, he’ll drop risqué compliments under your photos, ask you which toys you like, and build the entire conversation around sexual gratification. It’s totally ok to date a nymph if that’s what you want; you must be sure it is what you want, though.

The Rebound: This kind of man enters into a sugar baby relationship seeking solace. He’s either just been recently divorced, has a troubled marriage, work issues, or any other thing you can think of. Be careful with a rebound because you can easily wind up becoming his emotional trash bag.

Types of Sugar Daddy Arrangements

According to Psychcentral.com, there are three broad types of sugar dating affairs that exist:

Compensated dating: Involves sex for money.

Sugar dating: This is the traditional model that combines companionship with sex.

Sugar friendships: These are mutually beneficial platonic friendships.


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