How to Say A Firm But Classy “No” to Your Sugar Daddy

Nobody wants anyone to see them as the bad guy. This is perhaps why we live in a world of people-pleasers and bootlickers. In the world of arrangement dating, a world teeming with women who are willing to say or do almost anything to stroke a man’s ego, a woman who has the courage to speak her mind is a welcome breath of fresh air. This courage is often manifested in her ability to move at her own rhythm, make herself a priority, and most importantly in her ability to say no to people, things, arrangements, and events that do not suit her.

Why is the ability to say no so important? Sometimes you may meet a sugar daddy who you aren’t much into, or your sugar daddy may suggest an activity you aren’t comfortable with. These are valid reasons to learn how to say no. You should also learn to say no to a plan your sugar daddy makes if it doesn’t match your energy, or if you feel like it will simply be a waste of your time. Here are a few tips to help you master the art of saying a classy but effective no to your sugar daddy.

  • Listen to what he has to say
  • Even if you are going to say no, hearing the other party out is quite the diplomatic thing to do. If your sugar daddy is making plans for a trip you don’t wish to embark on with him, let him finish speaking first. Hear him out, and then you can express your approval or not.

  • Be clear
  • Don’t be afraid to speak with audacity. Do not mince your words; speak as a powerful person would. Be clear about what you want and what you expect. If you do not wish to continue to see a sugar daddy, don’t tell him you can be friends in an attempt not to hurt his feelings.  

  • Keep it short and sweet
  • The only thing worse than saying no to a person is to string them along on a long and selfish journey. If you do not want to date a sugar daddy, for example, simply say no to him. There is no need to prolong the ordeal for him by making excuses and trying not to hurt his feelings. Say no in a straight forward and polite way.

  • Remember, you owe him nothing
  • Remember, you owe your sugar daddy nothing: not dates, not sex, not trips together, not a yes; absolutely nothing. So the next time you are feeling obligated to shove your feelings aside for that of your sugar daddy, remember that you are obligated to him in no way.

  • Block him if he is still too persistent
  • If a man is being too pushy or even bordering on the lines of violent when you say no to him, it may be time to say no to him for good. The block button was invented for situations like this, don’t be afraid t use it.


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