Why Being A Sugar Baby Makes Me Better

Starting off as a sugar baby is never a walk in the park. As expected, the society is always ready with its heavy censure and criticism. I was labelled all sorts of names and at times, I felt like I was indeed going against the codes of common ethics and that I needed to pause and take notice at the constant backstabbing I was getting from my friends and peers.

However, from the moment I checked out this sugar daddy dating site, something kept me going. I could not tell where this drive and inspiration came from; all I know is that I am here now and with years of experience as a sugar baby, I wish to share with you some of the things that made me a better person.

Sticks Would Have Broken My Bones; Words Didn’t
You have probably heard this adage countless times and true to the common saying, 'that which does not kill you can only make you stronger', I choose to ignore all dissenting voices in favour of pressing on with my desire.

Not that I wasn’t alive to the fact that I constantly raised eyebrows wherever I passed along with my sugar daddy, only that I decided to harness all criticism into a positive viewpoint so I could use them to harden my resolve in looking for true and genuine love from this man. I have to admit that occasionally, I could frown at outright contempt and ridicule I was shown especially by people I knew and loved but with time, I outgrew that and became a rational and objective person I am today.

I Found True Love
Many damsels today are afraid of checking out the sugar daddy websites because the society has made us believe that these men are desperate older fellows who are so engrossed in their careers that they do not have time to show true love and affection. Truth of the matter is, I almost fell for this narrative but my desire to try things out completely changed my perception about sugar daddies.

While it is true that, in most part, sugar daddies are focussed in their career life, my man never failed to spare enough quality time just for the two of us. We could hang out together as often as the occasion called for it and this is why I keep encouraging young girls not to shy away from trying out their luck. Go on these websites, find a sugar daddy and take your chances with him because you never know; he could just be that Mr. Right you have always been looking for.

I Am Better At Time Management
The life of a sugar baby requires that you properly manage your time. The fact that you are dating a career man means there are tight schedules to be adhered to. For instance, office hours are strictly meant for business and as such, you should try as much as possible to give your man the right space to cater to his professional needs.

Though I was initially na?ve and a little possessive of him, I realize there is time for everything; the time for cuddling and the time to attending to serious business engagements.

And Yes, I Am Rich
I never shy away from reminding sugar babies that the most important reason you are in this relationship is because of the finance motive. I knew that whatever I did, however well I did it; the end game was always money. But as money is such as a sensitive issue, you should really be very good at soliciting for it, lest you come off as a sheer gold digger.

Be that as it may, I always remembered that being a sugar daddy requires one to spend so I made sure that every spending occasion was worthwhile. Sugar daddies like to see where their money goes so I made my man see that pretty well. I was especially good at love-making and ensured that for each sexual experience, I never met him halfway. For every great sex, he would find a reason to spend freely on my needs and that’s why I made it so big financially.

I hope I have inspired a would be sugar baby out there to go after their dreams. Remember that a sugar daddy –sugar baby relationship is in so many ways similar to other normal arrangements, only that you have to be a little diligent, tactful and sensitive with the needs of the man.


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